Thursday, February 21, 2013

Normal delivery vs c-section

Each of pregnant woman will scared bila dekat dengan waktu untuk bersalin. Siapa yang tak risau? First of mesti nervous to know whether we can endure the contraction pain. Secondly must be wondering how to make a correct push for the baby. Even experience mother who has delivered 2 or 3 babies will feel scare or nervous setiap Kali nak beranak.

So, are you prefer normal delivery or c-section? When having Aisya, I have set my mind to go for vaginal delivery. My OBgyn actually a little bit scared because I have asthma, but do support me to go for normal delivery, but by the end of the day I have to endured cesarean as I dah tumpah darah. Seriously, normal delivery has so much advantage as compared to c-sec. The first advantage is, normal delivery will automatically push the fluid to go out from the baby lung. Secondly, baby is being introduce with the "good" bacteria through the vaginal canal, helps form the baby heads and some doctor even said that baby who went through for normal delivery Lebih kuat daya saing. To mommies, normal delivery wounds are much easier to take care of. Tapi after that kena banyak buat kegel exercise la yer....

Sometimes the mother can't go through with the normal delivery. Some cases like if the mother have diabetes and the baby is more than 4kg, doc will advise to go for c-sec. Besar tu baby, takut tulang pelvis tak support the baby. Another case if the mother have high blood pressure that reach 150 confirm masuk OT.. There is high risk of the mother Akan tumpah darah when doc performs the operation and the risk losing the mother is high. The mother also Ada risiko darah beku pada kaki, paru-paru Dan pelvis, jangkitan kuman pada rahim Dan etc..

Tapi, kita pun tak tahu keadaannya waktu bersalin...mungkin memang kena perform c-sec atas sebab-sebab tertentu like baby songsang, placenta pecah banyak2 berdoa agar dipermudahkan urusan bersalin....InsyaAllah....

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