Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aisya & avocado

Yesterday I had introduced Aisya her second solid food which is avocado puree...guess what? She's totally loving it! Most of baby refuse to eat avocado as the textures and the taste kind of creamy and rasa lemak- lemak sikit..but not Aisya...she can eat sebiji avocado betul Aisya yer...

So, how to make avocado puree? The most important thing is you have to properly choose the avocado itself...make sure dah masak yer avocado belah avocado and keluarkan semua have an option either to blend the avocado or just lenyek-lenyek pakai sudu...I choose to blend it to have smooth texture..avocado tak payah steam ok...

A lot of nutritious that we can get from avocado. Avocado is rich in vitamin b, e and k. High intake of avocado can reduce cholesterol. Ha..awesome kan?? So selamat mencuba membuat avocado puree mommies!

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