Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aisya's first solid food

Aisya is 6 months old...yay!! I'm so excited...once your baby reach 6 months old then you can introduce them to solid food...make no mistake my friends..solid for baby is not similar like our solid for okay...

So...even before she reach 6 months I have started preparing for tools to aisya's solid food I.e spoon and fork, food container, avent steamer and blender and the most important is Knowledge on solid food. I have been searching and reading on solid for for baby for quite sometimes and opt to make homemade solid food for Aisya...double yay for me!!

So, fruits and vegetables puree is the best way to introduce solid food for your baby...and according to our peads, you can even introduce plain porridge...erm...I guess I just introduce her with fruit first mind you!

Below are the best fruits and vegetables to be introduced to your baby for the age of 6 months old :

Apple, pear, banana, nactarines, peach, plums, prunes, mango, apricots, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and parsnip...

For Aisya first time I had introduce pear puree for to make pear puree??

Clean the fruits..of course far I rendam buah with salt for about 5 minutes..then peel off the skin and cut into small pieces and steam the pear for about 7 why we steamed the fruits mama's?? To ensure the fruits texture is soft enough and at the same time to preserve the vitamins..

After steamed it, the boleh blend the fruit sampai hancur....after that tapis and the solid food is ready!! ( I didn't tapis pun..heheh)...once Aisya have her first spoon on pear puree she loves it and non stop eating it...triple yay for Aisya!!! Ini yang much more semangat untuk buat homemade food...

By the way, the other important thing to remember mommies, once you introduce solid food you have to apply 4 days rule...what is 4 days rule? Ok let me clarify, bila introduce pear for example, you have to give pears for the next 4 days to your baby jgn campur with other fruits or vege..why is this important? Ini nak tahu whether the baby is allergic to the food or okay with it..whether baby can poo poo or please apply the 4 days rule okay...and once you started to give solid food, so you also have to introduce plain water.... excited to cook for Aisya!!

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