Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aisya & eczema

It has been 2 weeks after aisya's diagnosed with eczema and since then I can't stop looking for alternative medicine for her rather than using what has been prescribed by peads...bukan tak nak sebenarnya,tapi if the medicine prescribed has drugged usage that can harm your children definitely I will say no to it!

So...last week Aisya start pakai baby buds super soothing cream and bath, in which I must say helped a lot!! But oh my, the condition has getting worse...bukan baby buds penyebab Nya but heat...Malaysia weather can be so unpredictable....lately it is so hot even I can't stand with the heat...pity of Aisya who is allergic to it...apa lagi maka Bertambah naik la merah merah pada badan Aisya...mmm...baby buds memang berkesan untuk mengurangkan eczema but tak tahan with the price...so bloody expensive..opss...terkasar pulak...just imagine with 50ml soothing cream price of RM50 it can last for 3 days only...aduih...bankrupt la I mcm ni...

My frenz who has the same experience treating eczema has suggest me to use moogoo..also an organic products that has specific products in treating eczema...oh fine...the starter kit priced RM189 includes 4 products I.e milk wash, udder cream, irritable cream balm and super msm soothing...because it's so pricey, so i opted to buy for irritable cream balm and super msm soothing cream...so far so good,,,,and it much more magic as compared to baby buds...sekejap jer merah merah pada badan Aisya has reduced....bersyukur sgt2...

Pada yang berminat nak Cuba product ni, ianya boleh didapati di caring farmasi...nanti I buat entri result penggunaan moogoo pulak yer...till later then!!

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