Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shopping dulu Dan sekarang...

Kepenatan....seharian berjalan Dari gardens, mid valley, subang parade to TESCO...all in all I dah list what to buy. I have to have the shopping list since I tend to buy other things instead of what I need it the most. Guess what? Turn out to be, I still bought things besides the shopping list! Duh...well at least i still bought what I planned to buy.

So today outing sebenarnya nak cari Baju for Aisya for my cousin wedding, and also some of me and hubby things. Since we have Aisya we tend to buy her things rather than ours. Even my allocation to buy handbag pun dah gone with the wind! That's why today we all nak shopping our cloth, perfume and so on.

Masuk ZARA, I terus pergi bahagian kids, then went to mothercare, pumpkin patch, GAP and alih-alih bila balik tengok barang-barang yang dibeli 80% for daughter and 15% groceries and the remaining 5% is for us! Huh!! Ini la dia....bila dah Ada anak, setiap kali keluar mesti beli barang anak...dulu Dan sekarang...banyak perbezaannya...

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