Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Working mother with super extra energy!

Oh yeah...why am I writing about this? Lately I have not in my tip top condition. Means..with an extra job at the office, house chores, playing super wife and mum with hubby and Aisya I simply collapse!

The first symptom is I easily get tired, which rarely ever happen to me. Back then, I am super workaholic employees (partly true! Heheh) in which my job required me to attend 24/7 meetings and presenting and on top of that I need to review credit papers as well. Because of the working nature I mostly spent time at the office until late night. I get used to it and I don't know how but I fill up with some strange super energy. Even I was surprise how I get the strength!

Yet lately, as usual I am trying to be a super mummy. Yes i ain't get any helper and house chores is 120% on me! I cut my time in the office since I need to spent quality time with my family. Once I reached home, first thing first, I cook for my daughter and feed her. Once she stuffed she will play her stuff and that is the time I cook for hubby and do laundry etc etc. Aisya bed time is around 10pm. And most of the time she's abide with her bed time. When she sound asleep then only I can start cleaning my house, have some me-time. That is my routine.

But then, these past two weeks, I start feeling funny like I easily get tired, headache, fever, flu and so on. Well I mostly blame on the weather! Of course our weather is sooo unpredictable. It can be so hot at one time and heavily rain next thing i know. Yet I continuously feel tired and one day I strained my left hand. From the palm up to the elbow. Oh yes it hurts like hell! Hubby ask me to see doc and I refused, hoping that the pain will go away on their own. Duh!!

Until at one point, I can't hold Aisya anymore. I panicked! How am I going to take care of her? My hubby? BIG NO...he do help me though but still there is a limitation on it, like he so scared to bath Aisya! And FINALLY I realized that I need to see doctor.

You know what? Doctor said I overstressed myself. I am working beyond my limit that's why I drained my energy! So he prescribed me with some multivitamin that I can't miss to take! And one little advice from him was, I need to watch for myself first and ensure my health is superb before I can take care of my family! And advice to my hubby...he need to give me some rest time and he need to actively involve in taking care of our daughter as well! The doctor did give us a long lecture though that makes me cynically smile to my hubby!

One thing for sure, I am not super human, I need to have a rest and taking care of my health. I need to learn to delegate the work with hubby! So daddies and mommies out there, please please please assists each other and hubby needs to be more understanding and volunteering to do house chores! Oh my..I wish I can advice my husband the same!

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